Dear Virgo 1


Hiya! After a long break away, getting myself back on track, it feels good allowing myself to dive back in my creative groove. With that
being said and with the Virgo season upon us i will be putting out a blog post one every week in the hopes that I magically encourage every beautifully hard working Virgo out there to be yourself, head up chest high and remember babes you are the shit just the way you are. The past
few weeks has been an eye opener for me, i did a lot of reflecting on the people i met, those who came into my life temporarily, arguments,
battles lost, defeated and most importantly what was unique about these encounter. See I came to the conclusion that simply because my
verbiage tends to be succinct and to the point all my life I have been viewed as harsh, blunt, or insensitive. You see we cannot travel back in
time to fix my mistakes, but we can learn from them and forgive ourselves for not knowing better. So with that being said, here are 10 truths i hope you can hold on to my dear Virgo.


1. Keep your loved ones close and don’t let the little stuff get between you
2. Just because you’re strong and resilient doesn’t mean you never need someone to be there for you, to take care of you.
3. It is ok to be the strong woman that you are. Do not let them tell you otherwise. Remain a sweetheart and a go getter at the same damn time don’t let the world fill your head with hatred, its poison
4. Learn to put your iPhone on "they don't deserve you mode"
5. Stop being tormented by everyone else’s reaction to you.
6. Do not under no circumstance compromise - tell the universe what u want!!
7. We (ESTJ-Myers-Briggs personality analysis) make up 6% of women and so of course we aren't "basic", we are unique. a conversation with us is intellectual, fun, well thought out and sometimes complicated but that is what makes it so damn good.
8. They will never understand why your head races with one million thoughts at the same time.
9. One day you will find someone that finds your confidence, courage and determination so beautiful it might scare you. trust me!
10. Know the world in you never look for yourself in the world

I am a firm believer in that the future is very feminine and we have stand confident. I hope you can take something from this post even if my outfit does not inspire you.


Hey random person reading through this post, thanks for stopping by and i hope you have a great day!