Hello lovelies!

I finally realize the reason why i have not had a post up in a while is a simple case of writers block. This blog/page was suppose to be a platform for my writing as well as photos of my style my ideas, outfits and all but of course i also had the added pressure of feeling
the need to be a perfect writer before putting anything out there. Needless to say i broke that wall and i am back like i never left, writing typing my way out of this little corner. Now that we have that out of the way here is an outfit i have been waiting to put together for a while. Last summer i went on a Zara spree :) those are always alot of fun. I got this lovely leather mini skirt which i must add is venturing out of my line of style but i gave it a shot anyway. I went gallivanting the streets of Washington DC. in search for a great cup of coffee and meeting up with another blogger like myself.

Wearing White Zara leather mini skirt, here  paired with this Long chenille sweater with round neck and flared sleeves from Zara, similar here as well, Gladiator heels from ALDO and ironically this lovely faux fur clutch from eBay, its a vintage original and i love all things vintage.