Gold deposits

Hey you!

The past few weeks I have been highly highly motivated and driven and anyone who knows me knows I do not stop till I get my goal when I get like that. My head is filled with creative content ideas especially after a wonderful vintage store just opened up a few blocks from me!!! can we say a blessing from Allah himself. Moving on to my outfit, I was actually suppose to meet up with a few of my girlfriends for drinks but I got dressed up a bit earlier scouting for great Alleys in Washington DC for future shoots. 

I love mixing feminine wear with menswear! I love that juxtaposition in fashion and I am glad that lately I am able to embrace my style in the process of creating my niche so to speak. Here I am wearing this menswear-inspired wide-leg silhouette trousers that's balanced by a flattering high waist, and end in exaggerated turn-up pockets that neatly hit the ankles. Tucked in with a black mesh shirt, lLeopard print black and gold heels from Forever21 (I got years ago) and I was off gleaming day and night.