Groove Theory

This past week I found myself listening to 90's R&B. I grew up listening to Brandy, Groove theory, SWV, Janet Jackson, Aaliyah so you can only imagine how deeply inspired i was to recreate a look from my favorite music era. Also i decided that this time i really want to allow myself to get inspired, have fun with blogging, push the photo journalistic side of me while trying to capture my style the best i can. I don’t want to feed into the comfortable personification of myself that i have painted myself in the past few years, but rather embrace the more sophisticated perhaps androgynous form my style has the potential to blossom into. Personal style has felt so much more personal lately. We see, read, and become influenced by to much, sometimes we have to let ourselves be our own inspiration. With all that said here are a few shots of my outfit.


hey boy ;)

P.S: Can we just take a bow for the highlighter Gods #lawd!



-wearing a turtle neck from H&M from like 5 years ago, 

-this skirt was thrifted so i went in with a scissor and cut it short

-aldo boots