Ekabo oh(welcome in yoruba). Can i just jist you about this Asoebi lol. Asoebi for those who do not know in literal translation is "clothe of the family". Now the fabric worn by the family (though it now applies to anyone who can afford one or would like to wear one) at a wedding ceremony of social event represents that side of the family. Now i dont have that many friends so i only have a few asoebi material however i know a few people that are oga of weddings and asoebi collectors lol. Asoebi fabrics are typically of Ankara like the one i have on in the photos below or lace material. Also occasionally head ties(geles) are paired with the outfit however i couldn't afford to hide my slllayyyed edges lol. 


Ok so on to the story. This past year i was in Medical school and my best friend was getting married in august. Now i couldn't afford to leave school in the middle of exams yet i also could not afford to miss my friends cut the long story short i studied 5 days just to get that weekend off attend the wedding and go back to school. Now i never purchased the asoebi however she told me the color was purple so my wonderful fashion designer/Asoebi God of my mother went to the stores to buy this fabric and sewed this incredible dress in less than 5 hours. YES I SAID IT, "LESS THAN 5 HOURS" like cinderella, just like that i was off to the wedding to celebrate with my friend. 


Thank you to my momma for my wonderful dress, i feel like an African queen in any of her designs. 

Here are photos of me in some of my favorite Ankara wears!

Have a fabulous week guys!!😘